Important TTT Rules

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May 8, 2019
0. Don't be a jerk.
1. No RDM/False KOS
2. No Ghosting
3. No Hacking/Cheating/Macros/Exploiting
4. No round delaying
5. No Harassment/Spam
6. No pornographic or disturbing content
7. No unreadable/confusing names, or names without 3 consecutive English characters
8. No Camping/Claiming while the majority of players are dead
9. No killing AFK players until overtime
10. No accessing unreachable areas
11. No prop surfing to unreachable areas or out of line of sight
12. You may claim rooms in overtime, or as a Detective
13. You may kill people for blocking, so long as sufficient time (10 second minimum, with 3 warnings) for them to move is given, or they are placing you in danger
14. Do not make intentional false reports. This can include 'meme' reports.

Traitorous Acts:
1. Shooting players, or towards them
2. Possessing traitor weapons, regardless of source
3. False KOSing innocent players
4. Throwing non smoke grenades
5. Planting/Arming C4
6. Damaging traitor testers/health stations
7. Hiding traitor equipment
8. Being in a traitor only area
9. Blocking/pushing players in dangerous areas
10. Not actively identifying bodies
11. Using props in a way that could kill/harm players
12. Being Guilty by Association

1. Traitor weapons are: Flare gun, Knife, Teleporter (regardless of it's source), Newton Launcher, Silenced Pistol, Poltergeist, Jihad, C4, radio, and decoy. The AWP, AK47, and all other weapons are NOT traitor weapons.
2. Ghosting is giving living players round relevant information through 3rd party (non-game) chats. This includes in-game private messages.
3. You may not kill for following.
4. At the time of claiming, claimed rooms may have, at most, 3 people in them, including yourself. The other players cannot be forced out of the room. if they leave the room and reenter, you may then kill them.
5. Killing traitor buddies always counts as RDM, unless sufficient warning is given, or they are actively trying to harm you.
6. You must have Counter-Strike: Source textures. If you do not own the game, a guide is available on the forum to 100% legally install the textures. Not having Counter-Strike: Source textures counts as wall-hacking on some maps.
7. False KOSing Detectives is annoying, but it does not count as a traitorous act.
8. You are allowed to use "Common Sense" to make kills.
9. You are allowed to defend yourself against detectives. If a detective is shooting at you, throwing a nade at you, or doing any traitorous act that will result in YOU getting killed, you may defend yourself.
10. Guilty By Association: When a player witnesses a traitorous act, and does nothing to respond to it. You may not kill someone for GBA if they are a victim of the same traitorous act. Abusing GBA will result in a toxicity ban.

1st Offense: 1 autoslay
2nd Offense: 2 autoslays
3rd Offense: 1 day ban
Note: This server does not issue RDM and Leave bans. If you leave during, or before, your slay is over, the slay will be reapplied and 2 additional autoslays will be added.

Mass RDM (4+ RDM offenses)
1st Offense: 3 day ban
2nd Offense: 1 week ban
3rd Offense: 2x the previous offense

1st Offense: Gag/Mute
2nd Offense: Gag/Mute for a round
3rd Offense: 1 hour ban
4th Offense: 1 day ban
5th Offense+: 2x the previous length

1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: Kick
3rd Offense: 1 day ban
4th Offense: 1 week ban
5th+ Offense: 2x the previous offense

Unreadable/Confusing Names
1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: Kick
3rd Offense: 1 day ban

Unreachable Areas/Prop Surfing/Delaying
1st Offense: Warning (May include teleport)
2nd Offense: Warning (May include teleport)
3rd Offense: Mid-round slay
4th Offense: Mid-round slay + 1 autoslay
5th Offense: 1 day ban

1st Offense: 4 week ban
2nd+ Offense: 2x the previous offense

1st Offense: One year ban
2nd Offense: Permanent ban

Porn/Disturbing Content
1st Offense: 1 day ban
2nd Offense: 1 week ban
3rd Offense: 4 week ban
4th+ Offense: 2x the previous offense

Ban Evasion
1st Offense: Original length of the ban will be applied on the not banned account, plus 2 additional weeks to each account.
2nd+ Offense: 2x the previous offense, on all known account

Toxicity will be handled on a case by case basis.

All punishments are under the discretion of an Administrator.

Illegal Actions: Breaking the law results in a permanent ban, which will be ineligible for appeal. We are based in the United States, and follow her laws. Do not dox, ddos, share/post child pornography (this includes any and all elicit content featuring a person under the age of 18), or anything that could be considered a real life crime.

Third Party Transactions are not allowed. Anything that can be purchased with money, such as steam items, games, or donator ranks, cannot be exchanged for non-monetary items, such as Pointshop Points, and vice versa. Punishment is at the discretion of the Management team.
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