Important The tragedy of the worlds


Always forward, never back.
Nov 24, 2018
On February 25th, we updated the server to 1.15.2
We tested the server after the update, and even after a restart and everything seemed in order.
Little did we know, chaos would ensue shortly after.

On March 3rd, we noticed a player being kicked for flying but didn't think anything of it, this is the first occurrence that was noticeable in logs.
On March 6th, our fellow Administrator, 8BitF0x, logged into the server to see, quite literally, nothing.

We do not know if it is related to the update, but we can only assume it must be an incompatibility issue.

All server logs dating back seem perfectly normal, with no errors or anything of the sort.
Some of the worlds, mainly regions protected with WorldGuard, were randomly regenerated.

That is, spawn was "regenerated" and since we downloaded the spawn, it was regen'd to nothing but a void, everything is gone.
The factions world survived, for the most part. We pasted in a lovely schema spawn from WorldEdit, protected that baby with WorldGuard and, gone.
The spleef arena was deleted as well since that was a generated world, the arena was "hand-made" with WorldEdit but protected with WorldGuard.
The mob arenas are gone, the world was randomly regenerated as well, deleting everything we made. These too, protected with WorldGuard.
The creative world, all plots seem to have been deleted, these were not protected with WorldGuard, but perhaps internally it uses WorldGuard to protect them.

The survival world seems to be in order, for the most part, all bases should remain.
The factions world, besides the spawn, seems to also be in good order.

Due to a very big oversight, the worlds were not backed up, therefore all 3 worlds that got "deleted" will not be recoverable.
But, your bases seem to be safe, the worlds have since been backed up and I personally vow to not make the same mistake of having no backups for the server.

We will keep this thread updated with the status of figuring out this issue, and if the worlds will be recoverable.

Currently as of today, March 10th, We are pointing fingers at either Multiverse or WorldEdit/WorldGuard or even both.