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May 9, 2019

Welcome to the official 8-Bit Gaming public staff data thread! Here you can find stuff that you, the public, can have access to see what's data we keep in the 8-Bit Gaming Community staff team. All of our data is on a Google Sheet and everything in it is fully semi-automatic which is why we chose Google Sheet. Alright enough of this small talk, what can you find in this public staff data?

Click Here to View The Spreadsheet
Clicking the link above will take you to a Google Sheet, this means you will be sent to a non 8-Bit Gaming website.

This Google Sheet Includes:
The Staff Name
What Term(Tenure) Their In
Date They Were Promoted
Date They Left
Their Current Supervisor
Their Current Rank
Forum Join Date
Server they Staffed

As of right now, this Google Sheet is being updated by yours truly, 8BitF0x. If you find any errors, feel free to either DM me on Discord at: 8BitF0x#5525 or click here to open a conversation here at the forums.
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