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Nov 24, 2018
Here at 8-Bit we're trying a new way of running things.
Which means also examining previous rule sets, how we handle things, and all that jazz.

With that in mind, we'd like to discuss leaking. In many communities, leaking is a bannable offense which can be justifiable
to some extent, but where's the line? Do we ban for EVERYTHING? Or, just major things? What about staff Discord chats?
How do you find the balance between having open transparency, but also keeping things under control and not letting things get too out of hand?

Well, we're going to try and figure that out once and for all.

We're implementing a new policy that states that the vast majority of staff information should be accessible to the public.
This means, if there's something hilarious in staff chats, or a private subforum thread, it can be shared.

We want the community to know what's going on, why hide things if we've got nothing to hide?

Once we implement player statistics, IE, playtimes, mod notes for players, ban lists
those will all be available to the public to an extent.

That means that if a player wants to see their own statistics, what a staff member said about them, etc, they can.
It also means that if a staff member wants to show the community something funny in a staff chat and what not, they also can.

Where we draw the line with this can be hard, though.

If information is not relevant, ie. an announcement to staff only regarding a situation or an important thread only meant for staff,
we'd ask that it not be shared. But what do we do if it is? Do we ban the person? How long?

If serious information were to be shared, depending on the information, a ban would be the last possible outcome. It will all be handled on a case by case basis. Things that invade personal privacy, slander players or break legality are serious offenses. The vast majority of "leaks" won't be anywhere near this severe, so we do not want to put a pressure on to hide things.

We don't want to discourage transparency, that's not what we're about.

That said, effective immediately, we're going to run with this new policy.
We'll make adjustments to it every now and then to adapt to how we want to run things,
and if anyone has any suggestions or comments, concerns we're always open to hear them.
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