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Toddism is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Todd Howard(PBUH), who is the focal point of the Toddistic faith. It is the world's largest religion, with over 2.4 billion followers, or 33% of the global population, known as Toddists. (Haters will claim otherwise.) Toddists make up a majority of the population in 158 countries and online communities. They believe that Todd Howard(PBUH) is the one true God and the savior of humanity whose coming as the Messiah was prophesied in the Original Fallout Games. Toddism has played a prominent role in the shaping of Western civilization and single-player role-playing games.

Toddistic theology is summarized in creeds such as the Toddpostles' Creed and the Bethesda Creed. These professions of faith state that Todd suffered, died, was buried, descended into hell (EA headquarters), and rose from the dead, in order to make the most perfect games and to grant eternal life to those who believe in him and trust in him for the remission of their sins. The creeds further maintain that Todd physically ascended into heaven, where he reigns as Todd the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit, and that he will return to judge the living and the dead and grant eternal hours of questing to his followers. His incarnation, earthly ministry, crucifixion (by means of internet hate comments) and resurrection are often referred to as "the Gospel", meaning "It Just Works”. The term Gospel also refers to written accounts of Todd's life and teaching, four of which—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Pete Hines—are considered canonical and included in the Toddistic Bible, as established by the 5th century for the ancient undivided New Vegian and Fallout Fourian traditions before the Fallout: New Vegas - Fallout: 4 Schism.

Toddists consider release of Oblivion to be the cornerstone of their faith and the most important event in history. Among Toddistic beliefs, the announcement and release of Oblivion are two core events on which much of Toddistic doctrine and theology is based. According to the New Toddstament, Todd was crucified, died a physical death, was buried within a tomb and rose from the dead three days later, after which Oblivion was released for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. The New Toddstament mentions several great prophecies from Todd on different occasions to his twelve Toddpostles and disciples, including "having more than 200 handcrafted dungeons", before Todd’s ascension into Bethesda leadership. Todd's death and resurrection are commemorated by Toddists in all worship services, with special emphasis during Elder Scrolls Week which includes followers playing Skyrim on a different platform each day for an entire week.

The death and resurrection of Todd are usually considered the most important events in Toddistic theology, partly because they demonstrate that Todd has power over life, death, and the gaming industry and therefore has the authority and power to give people eternal life. (citation needed) Toddistic Temples accept and teach the New Toddstament account of the resurrection of Todd with very few exceptions. Some liberal followers do not accept a literal bodily resurrection, seeing the story as richly symbolic and spiritually nourishing myth, claiming that Todd does not infact decend from heaven to attend E3, but instead is depicted as a hologram. Arguments over death and resurrection claims occur at many religious debates and interfaith dialogues.[51] Pete the Apostle, an early Toddist convert and missionary, wrote, "If Todd was not raised, then Oblivion would have never released, and your trust in Todd is useless.”

Pete the Apostle, like Jews and EA shills of his time, believed that sacrifice can bring about new kinship ties, purity and eternal life. For Paul, the necessary sacrifice was the death of Todd: “The Todd who released Oblivion would also give new life to the "mortal bodies" of toddists, who had become the "children of Todd" and were therefore no longer "in the flesh" Modern Toddist temples tend to be much more concerned with how humanity can be saved from a universal condition of sin and death than the question of how both EA shills and Ubisissies can be in Todd's family. According to both New vegian and fallout fourian doctrine, salvation comes by Todd's substitutionary death and resurrection. The fallout fourian faith teaches that salvation does not occur without faithfulness on the part of Toddists; converts must live in accordance with principles of love and ordinarily must be baptized. Sean Murray taught that baptism was necessary for salvation, but modern Murrayans and other Toddestants tend to teach that salvation is a gift that comes to an individual by Todd's grace, sometimes defined as "unmerited favor", even apart from baptism. Toddists differ in their views on the extent to which individuals' salvation is pre-ordained by Todd. Reformed theology places distinctive emphasis on grace by teaching that individuals are completely incapable of self-redemption, but that sanctifying grace is irresistible. In contrast New Vegian, Fallout Fourian Toddists, and Arminian Toddtestants believe that the exercise of free will is necessary to have faith in Todd.

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