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Never fall below your standard.
May 8, 2019
Forum Rules:
  1. If a staff member asks you to stop doing something, stop doing it.
  2. Always be respectful toward all community members.
  3. English Only. We are an English speaking community, we ask that you respect this.
The following are forbidden:
  1. Harassment: Bullying, slandering, and using group based slurs (hard-r N-word, the F-word, etc.)
  2. Spam: Excessively sending messages with no purpose
  3. Inappropriate Content: Pore/Gore/Disturbing content is not allowed.
  4. Advertising: Do not advertise another community on any of our platforms. Also, do not advertise 8-Bit Gaming on any other community's platforms.
  5. Backseat Moderating: Let the staff do their job. Use the "report" button on posts if you think a rule has been broken.
  6. Multiple Accounts: Owning multiple accounts by a single person is not allowed, and will be met harshly.
  7. Gravedigging: Posting on "old" threads which have become irrelevant.
  8. Derailing: Posting useless, non-contributing things on serious threads. Shitposting is allowed, but do not derail a thread.
  9. Illegal Content: The promotion, discussion, and conduction of any illegal activities on 8-Bit Gaming is forbidden, and will be met harshly.
  10. Do not post quick flashing media -- aka "Seizure Inducing Images". It can induce a seizure, or give some players headaches.
Username Rules:
  1. Your name must follow all other rules -- it cannot harass other players, be offensive, target a user, etc.
  2. Your name must contain at least 3 English letters, and start with 3 English letters. This allows us to search or tag your name when we need to have a discussion with you.
Signature Rules:
  1. Multiple images are allowed, as long as the total height of your signature is less than 300 pixels. If needed, use spoilers in your signature.

Punishment Protocol:
There is not a set punishment protocol. Each offense is taken on a case-by-case basis.

Discord Rules:
  1. Don't be a jerk. Our discord server is the only place with this rule -- you may be forcefully ejected should you break it.
  2. Do not post inappropriate content - Porn, gore, and disturbing content is not allowed.
  3. Your name must contain 3 English letters, so we may tag you.
  4. Do not harass players.
  5. Do not spam text or voice channels.
  6. Do not conduct illegal activity, or discuss illegal activity.
  7. Do not backseat moderate - tag staff members, or DM a staff member should you think a rule is broken.
  8. Do not use multiple discord accounts. This will be met harshly.
  9. Do not post quick flashing media - aka "Seizure Inducing Images".
  10. Please use English - we are an English speaking community and we ask that you respect that.
  11. Discord's Terms of Service apply to our server.
Failure to comply with these rules will result in severe punishment.
If a staff member asks you to stop doing something, then stop!
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