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  1. Sticky Bandit

    Important TTT Rules

    Rules: 0. Don't be a jerk. 1. No RDM/False KOS 2. No Ghosting 3. No Hacking/Cheating/Macros/Exploiting 4. No round delaying 5. No Harassment/Spam 6. No pornographic or disturbing content 7. No unreadable/confusing names, or names without 3 consecutive English characters 8. No Camping/Claiming...
  2. Sticky Bandit

    Sticky 8-Bit Community Rules

    Forum Rules: General: If a staff member asks you to stop doing something, stop doing it. Always be respectful toward all community members. English Only. We are an English speaking community, we ask that you respect this. The following are forbidden: Harassment: Bullying, slandering, and...
  3. Sticky Bandit

    Detective/Traitor Weapons

    Hey guys, it's your friendly neighborhood developer. I've got some ideas of my own, but I need some feedback! What kind of Traitor and Detective weapons do you guys want to see in the server, and why? Each suggestion will be seriously considered, so please, give me your ideas!